Back to University: Stationery Storage

Pen StorageAs you may have read on my previous post Back to University:Stationery Haul, im a huge stationery enthusiast and this post will share the different ways I use to store my stationery goodies with the use of cute everyday items, it will also include a mini haul of the latest items ive obtained.

Coca Cola Tin and Highlighters
The Range: £1 Each

First up in my mini haul includes a retro style Coca Cola pencil case tin I picked up for £1 which I plan on taking to university with me as there’s nothing worse than digging around in your bag for pens before a lecture starts!

I also picked up a mini highlighter set containing 7 pens in a plastic storage pot, personally I think the storage pot is a bit flimsy so I’ll most likely end up taking them out! I picked up both these items at The Range in store however they have a large selection of stationery online. (

Staedtler Pens
Staedtler Pens: £4.49

Next up in my haul includes a 10 pack of Staedtler rainbow ballpoint pens for £4.49 I picked these up on WHsmiths online on the 3 for 2 offer. As they only came in a plastic pack I needed a method of storage for these which comes in the form of an unused takeaway cup I purchased last year from Primark.

Primark Takeaway Cup

As stated above I picked up this cute ‘takeaway’ cup from Primark for around £2.50 (cant remember the exact price), upon realising the cup doesn’t actually seal on the inside and being too cute to throw away it’s just been hidden in a cupboard. This cup although not fit for it’s original purpose now holds my Staedtler rainbow pens securely and sits nicely on my desk.   

Jack Skellington Mug

I own so many mugs it’s unreal! but being I no longer had room in the cupboard for my beloved Jack Skellington mug it’s now found a new purpose for various pens, pencils and highlighters. Im not really a fan of pencil cases as I always find myself digging threw them in order to find the pens I need, but this way allows me to see the pens making them easy for selection and I can also put odd pens in there that may be lying around the house.

Mike Wazowski Cup

If you’ve read my previous post then you’ll know I picked up a large selection of gel pens which I plan on using for university notes, as I don’t plan on taking these into university I needed the perfect place to store them; this comes in the form of an adorable Mike Wazowski from Monsters University tumbler cup. This cup was a Christmas gift and I personally don’t enjoy drinking from large or plastic cups so it’s sadly been sitting away in my wardrobe until now. The tumbler cups I believe cost around £5 in the Disney Store and can be purchased with different characters on them.

Candle Tins

The final ‘DIY’ method of storage comes in the form of candle tins, after the candles had burnt out I scrapped the excess wax out and decided to fill them drawing pins I use for my cork board, the pins were previously in a plastic box which wasn’t very easy to get the pins out of so this way I know I wont end up having to try and dig through the box to get a pin, it’s also a less painful way of picking them up!

Do you have any DIY storage methods?

If you haven’t seen my previous stationery post then why not check it out!

Maleficent Movie Review

MaleficentAngelina Jolie was born to play Maleficent

Having been excited for this film for months I can finally say it was worth the wait, the last live action I recall was Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton) which sadly left me disappointed but Maleficent was magnificent. This re-telling of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty changes your perspective of the dark fairy Maleficent, she isn’t evil like she was originally portrayed, in fact she is quite complex and has a softer side to her.

Starting off in the Moors divided by two kingdoms, those of the fairies and magical creatures and those of the humans we meet a young Maleficent who is graceful and curious, she encounters Stefan a human who has very little and wishes to one day rule the kingdom, the friendship blossoms and soon love blooms. The humans invade the peaceful kingdom and Maleficent becomes the protector of the land, this prompts the dying King to request the death of her and whichever loyal servant does this will rule the kingdom after he is deceased.

The film is visually stunning and borrows elements from the original Disney film and adds it’s on unique twist to it, Maleficent isn’t the Villain we all grew up thinking she was, like all humans she put her trust into the wrong person who betrays her. Unfortunately this betrayal see’s her become bitter which is why Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning) is on the receiving end of this and of course has the infamous curse cast on her.

Elle FanningAurora is portrayed brilliantly by Elle Fanning and like a young Maleficent is curious of the magical kingdom and life, a funny part in the film is when she mistaking thinks Maleficent is her fairy godmother, as I do not wish to spoil the film I will leave out most of the details but if your a fan of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty then you already know the fate of young Princess Aurora. 

The only part I didn’t like about this film was the three magical Pixies/Fairies (named as both within the film) who are there to protect Aurora, as they are quite annoying but luckily they don’t feature throughout the film in large doses. The three are played by Leslie Manville (Flittle), Imelda Staunton (Knotgrass) and Juno Temple (Thistlewit)

Director Robert Stromberg cant be faulted for this film and all Disney fan’s will love his take on the classic, if you read other reviews then they may well compare it to Frozen which is irrelevant and completely different so trust your own instincts on the film and you too may enjoy it as much as I have. With it’s twists and beautiful scenery the film is a must see for all Disney and Fairy Tale fans alike.

I watched the 2D version of the film so cannot comment on the 3D version but personally I don’t think it needed any, it was magical enough and the story was well written that it didn’t need extra effect to carry it.

Film Rating 5/5MaleficentWhy not check out my Top 5 Disney Villains?

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