Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick

If you’re looking for a golden highlighter that’s easy to apply, a drugstore brand and a cream product and not powder then continue reading this post. The Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick in Gold Light (what a mouthful) fits the bill perfectly if you’re looking for all of the above.

Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick

Priced at £9.99 you get a large highlighter which is easy to glide across your cheeks but not really anywhere else but you could always use your finger or a brush… Admittedly I find the packaging rather underwhelming and basic compared to other highlighters on the market.

Revlon Gold Light Highlighting Stick
Direct swatch (Unblended)
The product is a gorgeous colour and buildable to create the desired look, I also like to use it as a base for powder highlighters to make a more intense glow.

Revlon also do a pink toned highlighter in the shade Pink Light but I haven’t tried that one, let me know in the comments if it’s worth picking up.

Overall I would recommend this highlighter if it’s on offer, whilst I do really like it I think £9.99 is a bit pricey when you can buy highlighting palettes for cheaper.


Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara

The Ultimate All-In-One Mascara by Revlon claims to feature five lash transforming benefits in one tube, this is instead of singularly buying one of the other mascaras they currently have on offer such as the Ultra Volume etc…


You might be wondering what the five extraordinary benefits are, well I can tell you it creates volume, length, definition, lifts the lashes and has an intense colour.

There are currently three shades to choose from which are Blackest Black, Blackened Brown and Waterproof Blackest.


The ‘Power Mini-Brush’ is the smallest mascara wand ive ever used, I thought it would be difficult to use at first but it isn’t actually that bad! The oval shaped wand makes for an easy application, the only downside for me is the mascara formula itself is quite a wet consistency (similar to the Maybelline Lash Sensational).  

I definitely think the mascara delivers on what it promises but in terms of the intense colour I wouldn’t have really looked out for it had I not known it makes a difference. Yes its black but I don’t see how its any different to another black mascara…

What are your thoughts on Revlon’s new Mascara collection?

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara

This year saw Revlon throw out their old mascara collection such as the Grow Luscious mascara in favour of five new mascaras which offer Ultra Volume, Super Length, Volume + Length Magnified, Ultra Definition and the All-In-One.

I picked up three of these beauty’s when they first came out, I purchased the All in One, Ultra Volume and Ultra Definition, whilst I have only used Ultra Volume so far due to having loads of already opened mascara’s I am very pleased with the results.  

The mascaras come in three shades: Blackest Black, Blackened Brown and Waterproof Blackest.

Revlon Ultra Volume MascaraThe simple packaging is featured on all the mascaras but alter with the lid colours. If you read my review on the No7 Velvet Lash Mascara then you’ll know what volume is key for me when it comes to mascara. I don’t wear false eyelashes so I love mascaras that create big eyelashes.

Ultra Volume Mascara

The large brush boasts the ‘Revlon Lash Plumping Brush’ which has triple grooves to hold the mascara formula. I love this brush it leads to a smooth application without the dreaded clumps which some mascaras can’t avoid.

Admittedly I had never used a Revlon mascara prior this one due to some negative reviews of the old formulas but I am so pleased that they bought out this new range and I cannot wait to try the rest of the range.


  • Three Shades to choose from
  • Price £9.99 but often on offer
  • Gorgeous voluptuous lashes

Revlon Lip Butter Review

Revlon Lip Butters

Revlon Lip ColorBurst Butters comes in a vast array of shades and today I will be doing a mini review of Tutti Frutti (015) and Candy Apple (035), the lip butters cost £7.99 each and are on the 3 for 2 offer at Boots.  I love the simplistic packaging which has the clear top so you can see the shade of lip butter clearly and it has a slight pop of colour which makes it stand out against regular lipstick packaging.

Candy Apple (035)
Candy Apple (035)

Starting off with Candy Apple I have to say this is my favourite colour of the two, as a fan of red lipstick but not having enough confidence to wear it personally I feel that this is the perfect shade; it isn’t too bold so it doesn’t look odd with my pale skin and it has a certain Snow White elegance about it.

Candy Apple Kiss

It’s not the perfect swatch being on a tissue but this represents two applications of the product, if you wanted it bolder you can of course add more on top as it glides on smoothly and is quite a soft lip butter so it is more of a lip balm than lipstick.

Tutti Frutti (015)
Tutti Frutti (015)

Tutti Frutti looks like quite a bold orange lip colour but it isn’t as shocking as it seems!  This was my perfect holiday colour and I feel is a unique colour as people tend to wear pink or red shades.

Tutti Frutti kiss

Again as the swatch shows this is two applications so it isn’t a dramatic shade of orange like it appears which is perfect for people that don’t feel confident enough to pull off dramatic shades. The only problem I found with the lip butters are that if you have slightly dry or cracked lips then it highlights it rather than covers it.

Overall im quite pleased with Revlon and love their Lip Butters so I would happily buy them again and add more colours to my minimal collection.

Panda Make Up Case

For an added extra to the post I thought I’d mention my panda make up bag seen as it has been the background for the lip butters. This cute case came from Primark who have quite the range of make up cases now and cost around £3, it’s perfect for holding your essential make up items in or for travel use!