Primark Disney Lumiere Candle Holder Review

Primark homeware always has a great range of Disney collectables from a range of different films. For the Beauty and the Beast collection I needed Lumiere which I’ve been dying to get my hands on since they were first released.

Primark Lumiere Candle Holder

Primark Lumiere Candle Holder

I was lucky enough to receive one for Christmas and he beats any expectations. You can add your own tealight candles which really brings the piece to life.

Primark Lumiere

This costs £12 and was worth the wait! I know that originally there was a problem with the first Lumiere’s that came out as they had fragile arms but this one is completely sturdy and stands out beautifully.

I absolutely love Lumiere and think he’s the best Disney piece that Primark has done so far.

Primark PS… Unicorn Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

We can all admit that when it comes to cleaning makeup brushes we would rather avoid it for as long as possible…

I spotted this interesting looking Unicorn cleaning pad in Primark for £1.50, it’s a rubber cleaning pad with all sorts of different areas to swirl brushes around.

Primark Unicorn Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

I teamed it up with the Revolution Brush Cleaner and simply swirled my brushes around and pad and it worked a treat!

I found with the dotted area it worked best for eyeshadow brushes whereas the centre of the unicorns face worked great for larger brushes.

I have brushes from different brands which worked fine without losing any hair, it worked fab with flat foundation brushes and even removed dark eyeshadow colours.

Primark Unicorn Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

At first I wondered if it was just a gimmick to play on the popular unicorn trend but it is a great accessory to get hold of and does the job perfectly.

The only ‘bad’ thing I found was that every so often it needed washing to remove excess product before resuming to brush cleaning and it did stain slightly once I’d finishes but for £1.50 who cares.

If you’re looking for a cheap and affordable way to clean your brushes then I would recommend checking out the Primark cleaning pads.

Primark Alice in Wonderland Smile Body Mist Review

Curiouser and Curiouser. Primark has launched a brand new Alice in Wonderland beauty range at affordable prices. I picked up the Smile body mist for £3!

Primark Alice in Wonderland Smile Body Mist

How cute it the packaging? At first I did think it would be a hair product due to the glittery top but after realising it was a spray and having a play with the tester I fell in love with its sweet smell.

It doesn’t actually say anywhere on the product what it smells like and I can’t quite put my finger on it but I did find it more sweet and musky rather than fresh/fruity.

I find that the mist lasts much longer on clothing rather than on skin but that seems to be the case with most mists I’ve tried.

There’s also an Alice perfume with the same scent that retails for £8.

Primark PS Lash Contour Mascara Review

As stated in a previous post I picked up a couple of mascaras to try out from Primark costing the small price tag of £2 each. The final mascara to test is the PS Lash Contour which claims to give a 3d curl, length and mega volume.

Primark PS... Lash Contour Mascara

This mascara has an interesting wand which I haven’t really seen before from any other brands and it’s a plastic brush which I personally prefer.

I’m going to be totally honest here and say I was not that impressed by this mascara, I know it’s only £2 but I found the formula incredibly dry so it wasn’t easy to build up.

I liked how the mascara looked but I wouldn’t say it gave mega volume, it did give a curl as stated but I feel it would have been much more better if it wasn’t so dry.

If you want to try any Primark mascaras I would say to maybe consider the other ones available first.

Primark beauty is cruelty free!

Primark PS… Amplif-Eyed Mascara Review

Primark beauty is upping it’s game lately so I thought I’d finally give it a try as I was after a new mascara anyway.

There were quite a few to pick from all being £2 each so I opted for the Amplif-Eyed ‘Definition, Volume and Lift’ mascara.

Primark PS...Amplif-Eyed Mascara

The wand is thin plastic and a pretty standard shape it’s very similar to the Revlon Dramatic Definition mascara. The formula is not really wet either like some new mascaras can be which is a positive point for me.

This mascara seperated my lashes gave them nice lift with no clumps and there was some volume after a few coats but nothing too crazy so it would be passable at school etc..

I would have preferred thicker looking lashes but hey it’s only £2 so can’t complain!

Primark beauty is cruelty free!

Primark meets Disney with Cogsworth Clock (Review)

Primark has been killing it lately with all of the Disney ranges available and one of my favourites is the Beauty and the Beast collection. I have been lucky enough to get Mrs Potts and both Chip mugs. Todays review is all about the Cogsworth Clock.

Cogsworth retails for £10 and is a fully working clock, he looks great and makes a great collectors piece. Although he is an actual clock I haven’t had the best of luck with him, the battery does not fit correctly in the back so he does tend to stop working.

Primark Cogsworth Clock Back

I’m not sure if this problem is a manufacturing issue or if it is just mine that has faults but as I collect Disney pieces anyway I aren’t that bothered by it as I display it with my other Beauty and the Beast items.

Another thing I think could be better is the open back that displays the battery, I think if it was covered it would look like a more expensive piece rather than just having a big cut out in the back of his head.

I just have to get the Lumiere tealight candle holder to complete my collection but I am unsure whether or not it has been discontinued. 

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more Disney posts from me! 


Primark Disney: Chip is back!

Disney’s favourite little cup is back, Chip from Beauty and the Beast caused a storm last year when ‘chip gate’ meant that nobody could get their hands on him and many mugs were placed on EBay for ridiculous prices.

Chip Mug Primark
The one that started it all

A new design has just been released and Disney fanatics will recognise its from the scene when he asks Belle if she wants to see a trick and he then blows bubbles. The mug is absolutely adorable and retails at £5. 

Primark Chip Bubbles Mug

The original Chip came in a cardboard box whereas the new design is a plastic box which I prefer as its much easier to see the whole design.

Chip Bubbles Mug

The back of the mug perfectly illustrates the ‘wanna see me do a trick’ scene and gives the mug a great 360′ view. As a huge Disney fan I am loving all of the Primark homeware but unfortunately it isn’t always easy to get.

The first Chip mug took me months to find in my local store, however, I managed to get the bubbles mug on its release day.

I definitely recommend these mugs for any Disney fans and they make great gifts!  Please don’t pay ridiculous prices on EBay when these mugs are so affordable, it might take a while to find them but it’s worth the wait.

Let me know if you want to see more Disney posts! 🙂  

Primark Mini Clothes Haul 2014

In celebration of Student Finance being in the bank I thought I’d celebrate with a trip to Primark and picked up some great items for going back to university.

£3 Beanie
£3 Beanie

First up is this novelty beanie hat for the small price of £3, I love cats so it was the perfect match and I also like getting a new animal beanie every year; last year was the Raccoon hat also from Primark and a year or 2 before the Panda beanie from River Island. This cosy hat will be perfect for when the weather becomes much cooler and it’s also rather cute!

£6 T-Shirt
£6 T-Shirt

Jurassic Park brings back memories of watching it as a child and being terrified of the dinosaurs! so naturally I had to pick up this top as it is such a cool film, I also love the retro/vintage look the top has with the rose floral print. Primark are doing well in terms of film and TV t-shirts as they’ve had a great range over the past couple of months; it’s also nice to see that they didn’t subject Jurassic Park to Menswear.

£7 Skinny Jeans
£7 Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are essential to me and having had my favourite pair now get a hole in the knee I decided it was finally time for me to buy some more, I picked up two great pairs for £7 each in black (not pictured) and grey and funnily enough they feel quite soft and not like jeans at all which is a bonus! I love that the cost is so little so if the unfortunate hole in the knee happened again I could easily replace them.

£8 Boots
£8 Boots

I thought I’d end my haul with my wish list boots, unfortunately when I decided to go back and get them the queue was far too large and I would have missed my bus resulting in another hour wait! The boots cost £8 and also come in blue and green, I adore the colours and have a blue pair from last year. Only problem being they are a suede material so not great for the rain!  I’m not personally a fan of the Chelsea boot trend which I seem to be seeing everywhere so it’s a great change for people like me what want a simple pair of pixie style boots. 

Have you had a Primark haul recently? Drop your links in the comment box I’d love to see what you’ve brought! 🙂

Revlon Lip Butter Review

Revlon Lip Butters

Revlon Lip ColorBurst Butters comes in a vast array of shades and today I will be doing a mini review of Tutti Frutti (015) and Candy Apple (035), the lip butters cost £7.99 each and are on the 3 for 2 offer at Boots.  I love the simplistic packaging which has the clear top so you can see the shade of lip butter clearly and it has a slight pop of colour which makes it stand out against regular lipstick packaging.

Candy Apple (035)
Candy Apple (035)

Starting off with Candy Apple I have to say this is my favourite colour of the two, as a fan of red lipstick but not having enough confidence to wear it personally I feel that this is the perfect shade; it isn’t too bold so it doesn’t look odd with my pale skin and it has a certain Snow White elegance about it.

Candy Apple Kiss

It’s not the perfect swatch being on a tissue but this represents two applications of the product, if you wanted it bolder you can of course add more on top as it glides on smoothly and is quite a soft lip butter so it is more of a lip balm than lipstick.

Tutti Frutti (015)
Tutti Frutti (015)

Tutti Frutti looks like quite a bold orange lip colour but it isn’t as shocking as it seems!  This was my perfect holiday colour and I feel is a unique colour as people tend to wear pink or red shades.

Tutti Frutti kiss

Again as the swatch shows this is two applications so it isn’t a dramatic shade of orange like it appears which is perfect for people that don’t feel confident enough to pull off dramatic shades. The only problem I found with the lip butters are that if you have slightly dry or cracked lips then it highlights it rather than covers it.

Overall im quite pleased with Revlon and love their Lip Butters so I would happily buy them again and add more colours to my minimal collection.

Panda Make Up Case

For an added extra to the post I thought I’d mention my panda make up bag seen as it has been the background for the lip butters. This cute case came from Primark who have quite the range of make up cases now and cost around £3, it’s perfect for holding your essential make up items in or for travel use!

Back to University: Stationery Storage

Pen StorageAs you may have read on my previous post Back to University:Stationery Haul, im a huge stationery enthusiast and this post will share the different ways I use to store my stationery goodies with the use of cute everyday items, it will also include a mini haul of the latest items ive obtained.

Coca Cola Tin and Highlighters
The Range: £1 Each

First up in my mini haul includes a retro style Coca Cola pencil case tin I picked up for £1 which I plan on taking to university with me as there’s nothing worse than digging around in your bag for pens before a lecture starts!

I also picked up a mini highlighter set containing 7 pens in a plastic storage pot, personally I think the storage pot is a bit flimsy so I’ll most likely end up taking them out! I picked up both these items at The Range in store however they have a large selection of stationery online. (

Staedtler Pens
Staedtler Pens: £4.49

Next up in my haul includes a 10 pack of Staedtler rainbow ballpoint pens for £4.49 I picked these up on WHsmiths online on the 3 for 2 offer. As they only came in a plastic pack I needed a method of storage for these which comes in the form of an unused takeaway cup I purchased last year from Primark.

Primark Takeaway Cup

As stated above I picked up this cute ‘takeaway’ cup from Primark for around £2.50 (cant remember the exact price), upon realising the cup doesn’t actually seal on the inside and being too cute to throw away it’s just been hidden in a cupboard. This cup although not fit for it’s original purpose now holds my Staedtler rainbow pens securely and sits nicely on my desk.   

Jack Skellington Mug

I own so many mugs it’s unreal! but being I no longer had room in the cupboard for my beloved Jack Skellington mug it’s now found a new purpose for various pens, pencils and highlighters. Im not really a fan of pencil cases as I always find myself digging threw them in order to find the pens I need, but this way allows me to see the pens making them easy for selection and I can also put odd pens in there that may be lying around the house.

Mike Wazowski Cup

If you’ve read my previous post then you’ll know I picked up a large selection of gel pens which I plan on using for university notes, as I don’t plan on taking these into university I needed the perfect place to store them; this comes in the form of an adorable Mike Wazowski from Monsters University tumbler cup. This cup was a Christmas gift and I personally don’t enjoy drinking from large or plastic cups so it’s sadly been sitting away in my wardrobe until now. The tumbler cups I believe cost around £5 in the Disney Store and can be purchased with different characters on them.

Candle Tins

The final ‘DIY’ method of storage comes in the form of candle tins, after the candles had burnt out I scrapped the excess wax out and decided to fill them drawing pins I use for my cork board, the pins were previously in a plastic box which wasn’t very easy to get the pins out of so this way I know I wont end up having to try and dig through the box to get a pin, it’s also a less painful way of picking them up!

Do you have any DIY storage methods?

If you haven’t seen my previous stationery post then why not check it out!