Maybelline: The Nudes Palette

The Nudes by Maybelline is a 12 shade palette and was released before The Blushed Nudes which you may have read on my previous post but if not catch it here (Maybelline: The Blushed Nudes Edition). Just like its partner it comes in sleek packaging with an open window showcasing the shades.

Maybelline The Nudes

Although I prefer the pink packaging of The Blushed Nudes, I do think that the black stands out for the classic nude shades housed inside. Although the majority of the shades are shimmery there are also a few mattes.

Maybelline The Nudes Palette

This palette allows you to create great smokey eyes as well as simply keeping your eyes natural if you want to go for bold lips.  I love the pigmentation Maybelline offers without the use of eye primers, the colours are easy to blend and last quite well.

Maybelline Nude Swatches

Although again it isn’t the greatest photo to go by I have tried to include some swatches so you can gather some idea as to how the shades look, but believe me they are a lot nicer in person!

The price of this palette retails at £9.99 but quite often enough you can find it on offer, especially in Asda! Seems random I know but they tend to have a variety of offers on their stands, currently you can get the Super Stay (Better Skin) foundation for £6 so it might be worth given them a browse.

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Maybelline: The Blushed Nudes Edition

As you may have seen from a previous post I absolutely love Maybelline so when I saw their latest Nudes palette I simply had to get it. This palette is different to your everyday nudes collection you may have, its ‘blushed’ so comes in a great array of pinks and peaches rather than your normal brown/bronze shades.

Maybelline Palette

One of the things I love about this product is its girly packaging, I love the metallic pink case its housed in, the other Nudes palette they have comes in your standard black packaging.

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes

You get 12 gorgeous shades which are all shimmery, this is my favourite palette at the moment and costs only £9.99. I don’t use eye primers but have found that these eye shadows last brilliantly throughout the day and they also blend well together.

I don’t use the brush which is provided as I prefer to use a No7 eye brush I received in a free gift promotion they had at Christmas….

The Blushed Nude Swatches

I’ve tried my best to swatch these for you, apologies if the quality isn’t the best I’ve never actually done it before and only have access to an Iphone camera.  The first shade I did swatch is rather pale so you may not notice it.

As you can see there’s some lovely shades ranging from light to dark, I particularly love the peachy bronze shades and the pale pinks. I haven’t actually used all of the shades myself so I cant wait to see what different looks come out of them.

The palette is great for the daytime and with different shades to mix and match you cant really go wrong.

For me this set is definitely a stand out product and teamed with their Lash Sensational Mascara makes the perfect eye look.

Do you love the nudes look?

Maybelline IT Look: Downtown Vamp

One of my favourite make up brands is Maybelline and during the festive period they released a collection of IT Look boxes exclusive to Superdrug I believe which are perfect gifts. During the Easter holidays they were reduced from £30 to £15. I picked up Downtown Vamp which will be reviewed in this post and also the Uptown Girl box which will be in a future post.

Maybelline IT Look BoxFirst of all the box cover reveals the look you can create and the inside of the box also has a tutorial to follow but this is also available on YouTube!

Downtown Vamp LookI love that the tutorial is included but of course you can create your own look with the fabulous products included.

Maybelline Downtown Vamp Box

All the products above are included and can be kept neatly in the tray if you don’t wish to throw away the box.

You get the following:

  • Lash Sensational (Intense Black)  £7.99
  • Master Shape Brow (Soft Brown) £2.99
  • Master Ink Liner £4.99
  • Baby Skin Primer £7.99
  • Face Studio Blush 60 (Cosmopolitan) £4.49
  • Color Sensational Lipstick (Siren in Scarlet) £6.99
  • ColorShow Nail Polish (Blackout) £3.99

Total worth: £39.43

The box is worth getting if you have it on offer, I doubt I’d actually pay £30 for it, luckily for me I can use the soft brown brow pencil but unless you have brown hair it would be useless for you.

Siren In Scarlet Lipstick

I absolutely love the lipstick provided, ive only worn it once but straightaway fell in love, its durable and lasts for hours! Even when having a drink I found it didn’t budge which is always great news for lipstick wearers.

Maybelline Cosmopolitan Blush

I know this post is quite photo heavy so i’ll end it with a final shot of the Cosmopolitan blush, at first I thought omg this shade is far too bright but actually if you only put a small amount on your brush then it comes out quite subtle and a lovely soft pink.

The only thing I don’t like about the blusher is the packaging, I find it quite awkward and fiddly to open due to having to lift and slide the lid about.

Overall im really pleased with the IT Look box and hope that Maybelline or any other brand for that matter offer more of these beauty boxes.

*photos taken on Iphone 5s