Primark Disney Lumiere Candle Holder Review

Primark homeware always has a great range of Disney collectables from a range of different films. For the Beauty and the Beast collection I needed Lumiere which I’ve been dying to get my hands on since they were first released.

Primark Lumiere Candle Holder

Primark Lumiere Candle Holder

I was lucky enough to receive one for Christmas and he beats any expectations. You can add your own tealight candles which really brings the piece to life.

Primark Lumiere

This costs £12 and was worth the wait! I know that originally there was a problem with the first Lumiere’s that came out as they had fragile arms but this one is completely sturdy and stands out beautifully.

I absolutely love Lumiere and think he’s the best Disney piece that Primark has done so far.

DW Home The Macabre Skull Candle Review

First of all The Macabre candle by DW Home looks amazing and is perfect the Halloween, it’s also affordable with the price tag of £6.99.

DW Home The Macabre Candle

The scent is Sparkling Cider which I must admit wouldn’t usually be my first choice of scents but it does smell really nice and sweet and does actually make a great candle scent; once the candle has ran out then this will make a great holder.

It is not a strong overpowering scent by any means which is down to personal choice, I prefer strong scents which fill the room but I still like this candle and it wouldn’t put me off repurchasing it.

I found this little gem in Homesense (UK) but you may also find them in TK Maxx (UK) or if you live in the US then DW Home have an official website.

Compared to other candle brands DW is not as strong with the scents I’ve tried so far but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as they are affordable and there’s tons of scents to choose from.

Primark meets Disney with Cogsworth Clock (Review)

Primark has been killing it lately with all of the Disney ranges available and one of my favourites is the Beauty and the Beast collection. I have been lucky enough to get Mrs Potts and both Chip mugs. Todays review is all about the Cogsworth Clock.

Cogsworth retails for £10 and is a fully working clock, he looks great and makes a great collectors piece. Although he is an actual clock I haven’t had the best of luck with him, the battery does not fit correctly in the back so he does tend to stop working.

Primark Cogsworth Clock Back

I’m not sure if this problem is a manufacturing issue or if it is just mine that has faults but as I collect Disney pieces anyway I aren’t that bothered by it as I display it with my other Beauty and the Beast items.

Another thing I think could be better is the open back that displays the battery, I think if it was covered it would look like a more expensive piece rather than just having a big cut out in the back of his head.

I just have to get the Lumiere tealight candle holder to complete my collection but I am unsure whether or not it has been discontinued. 

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more Disney posts from me!