Superdrug Coconut Water Hydrate & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Review 

Today’s post will focus on yet another Superdrug product, I know I’m sorry but I really do love their own brand! Not only are they affordable but they are also cruelty free whilst being suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

A firm favourite of mine lately is the Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner and if you follow my blog then you’ll know I purchased the hair masque in this range quite a while ago.

Superdrug Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner

First of all this range smells amazing! It has a lovely tropical scent which isn’t overpowering. The shampoo and conditioner are recommended for normal, dry or damaged and claims to hydrate it whilst leaving hair looking all fab and shiny. My hair I’d say is normal but with dry ends and some frizz.

After using this product religiously I can tell you my hair is always left feeling incredibly soft, I would say as well that it looks shiny but it’s not overly glossy and it reduces the frizz which we all know is a massive bonus.

It’s also really easy to wash out, I know that sounds silly but some shampoos I’ve tried in the past have just felt oily and take time to remove fully. A little really does go a long way and with the bottles being 400ml each they will last a long time.

All the items in this range cost £3.99 and are currently on offer 2 for £6.   

Superdrug Coconut Water & Coconut Oil Hair Masque

Having focused on make up posts for a while I thought I’d mix things up a little and talk about this wonderful hair masque by Superdrug. I absolutely love hair masks/masques and own various ones by Tresemme and Herbal Essences. As you know haircare comes at a cost and today’s masque comes with an affordable price tag.

The Coconut Water & Coconut Oil Masque or known on the website as “Hydrate & Shine Conditioning Masque with Coconut Water” smells amazing! The Pina Colada scent is enticing enough to buy it and it works wonders on your hair.

Superdrug Coconut Water Hair Masque

This particular own brand product is part of the more premium range in Superdrug in comparison to some of their basic/essential products. There is also has the additional shampoo and conditioner to match this range but I haven’t tried these just yet.

The masque claims to hydrate the hair and leave it shiny, like any other masque you leave it on for around 2 minutes, if you have the time you can also leave it on for 10 minutes for a more intense conditioning treatment.

Superdrug Coconut Water Masque

The product itself is not a thick consistency and works it’s way through the hair really easily with a small application going a long way.

Afterwards my hair smelt amazing and felt really soft, I cant really comment on the shine effect as I didn’t notice a massive difference but perhaps teaming it with the shampoo would have a better effect.

The Benefits:

  • £2.65 on offer (usually £3.99)
  • Cruelty Free
  • Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians
  • Smells Amazing
  • Soft, Healthy Looking Hair  
  • 200ml size (lasts 12 months from opening)

Mens Hairstyles: What Not to Do

When it comes to styling your hair not everybody gets it right, it could be argued men especially need a helping hand. Within the media there has been some shocking decisions made by male celebrities, who can forget Beckham’s awful cornrows? and more recently Robert Pattinson (Twilight) had us all thinking what the hell when he presented his wacky shaved do.

Robert PattinsonFear not male readers for the people at Dollar Shave Club are here to save the day. Their new hair care line Boogie allows you to pick your desired style and even guides you with what product is required to achieve the look.

Dollar Shave ClubFirstly you select the product you usually use before being presented with the above options, this way your answers generate exactly what look you desire and Boogie simply matches you up with the perfect product. Its just that easy!

Mens UndercutCreate Your Style! 100% Hairantee

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Mini Hair Care Haul

Hair Care HaulAfter visiting Superdrug last week I managed to pick up some great hair care products for really low prices!

Currently there is a ‘Better than 1/2 price’ deal on select TRESemme products and I managed to pick up my 2 items at £2.97 each (Slightly cheaper in Asda), and as everybody may know, the products always smell amazing. 

The first item that caught my eye was the TRESemme Keratin Smooth (Deep Treatment Masque): Held in a 300ml tub the product is quite large so will last for a while, it offers to ‘instantly replenish each strand’ for smoother and straighter hair. To use the masque it recommends using the Keratin Smooth shampoo first (I didn’t buy this) and applying the masque afterwards for 3-5 minutes concentrating on the mid-length to the ends of your hair.  

I also picked up TRESemme’s Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment: I have used this twice now and already love the product, it goes on like your average conditioner with a wait time of 2-3 minutes, again focusing on the mid-length to the ends of your hair. It claims to reverse up to 2 years of hair damage and after using it I always find my hair to be really soft with less breakages than usual.  Both this and the mask usually retail at £5.99 each but I believe I did see them on offer in Asda for £2.59 so slightly cheaper than Superdrug.

Vo5 ConditionerI came across these Vo5 conditioners in the ‘clearance’ aisle at 50p each, I’m not entirely sure why they were in this section as they aren’t actually damaged in anyway which is usually the case for product’s in that aisle. If like me you always seem to run out of conditioner first then it’s a great product/price to stock up on.

I opted for ‘Give Me Moisture’ which is perfect against heat defence and offers balanced moisture for dry hair, ‘Nourish My Shine’ also protects against heat defence and adds shine to damaged hair. The bottles are the small 200ml so are easily stored or practical for travel uses. Vo5 products always smell great as well and I believe the original price is around £1.99 so a small saving has been made, if you’re a student like me then every penny counts!

Superdrug Sinful Moments Dry Shampoo Review

Sinful Moments dry shampoo is part of Superdrug’s own brand collection and is currently bogof priced at £1.99.

The product claims to refresh hair between washes but so far after a couple of uses I just find that it leaves hair looking rather shiny instead of refreshed… it smells really lovely and the scent lasts which isn’t a bad thing as I’d say its a floral scent but im not too sure and the website doesn’t state it!

Another advantage is unlike some dry shampoo brands you don’t end up with grey/white hair as it doesn’t have the powder consistency, it’s literally just like spraying hairspray but there is no sticky residue etc.. and of course you can either rub it in with your hands or brush through it.

I think the packaging stands out but quite honestly it did remind me of one of those colourful hair dye sprays but overall I think it is an acceptable dry shampoo if you don’t like the powder based ones.

I probably would recommend this if you like having shiny hair but if you do use it when your hair is becoming greasy then it does add onto this look which is a big disadvantage!

Superdrug Sinful Moments Dry Shampoo