Asda Cherry Blossom Dry Shampoo Review

Dry shampoo has became incredibly popular in recent years with a wide range of brands and scents to choose from. As far as I’m aware Batiste is the most popular, but it can be quite costly depending on how many cans you go through. I recently picked up a dry shampoo from Asda in Cherry Blossom, there’s others to choose from as well such as Tropical.

You might be thinking not an own brand that can’t be good but it is actually quite a nice product and comes with a tiny price tag of £1 for a 200ml! Batiste generally costs from £2.99 for the 200ml bottle.

Asda Dry Shampoo

I don’t tend to use dry shampoo very often but have tried various brands such as Superdrug, Tesco and Lee Stafford. Its always nice to have a back up can for those emergency situations because lets be honest who likes the greasy look.  

More than anything I chose this Cherry Blossom spray for its scent and I have to say it smells incredible and did the job well. Whilst the packaging is very cheap looking its all about the quality and this shampoo leaves hair looking fresh and I found mine felt quite soft after use.

It’s cruelty free and suitable for Vegetarians, im not 100% sure if it‘s Vegan friendly so I don’t want to say that it is if it isn’t.  

Superdrug Sinful Moments Dry Shampoo Review

Sinful Moments dry shampoo is part of Superdrug’s own brand collection and is currently bogof priced at £1.99.

The product claims to refresh hair between washes but so far after a couple of uses I just find that it leaves hair looking rather shiny instead of refreshed… it smells really lovely and the scent lasts which isn’t a bad thing as I’d say its a floral scent but im not too sure and the website doesn’t state it!

Another advantage is unlike some dry shampoo brands you don’t end up with grey/white hair as it doesn’t have the powder consistency, it’s literally just like spraying hairspray but there is no sticky residue etc.. and of course you can either rub it in with your hands or brush through it.

I think the packaging stands out but quite honestly it did remind me of one of those colourful hair dye sprays but overall I think it is an acceptable dry shampoo if you don’t like the powder based ones.

I probably would recommend this if you like having shiny hair but if you do use it when your hair is becoming greasy then it does add onto this look which is a big disadvantage!

Superdrug Sinful Moments Dry Shampoo