Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Face Mask First Impressions.

Last month I ordered The Nutcracker November Birchbox and inside was a small 13g sample of Sand & Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask. This Australian Pink Clay mask retails for full price at £39.90.

Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask

Admittedly when seeing the sample size I was disappointed at how small it was as it probably won’t last very long.

On first application I did notice it has a smell similar to marzipan but not as strong… The clay is more of a light peach colour than pink and turns white when dry and claims to take around 10 minutes to dry but I found it was drying as I was applying it.

December Birchbox The Nutcracker

I’d never heard of this brand before and from first impressions it’s not a brand I’d really look into again as I didn’t find it made my skin look any better than if I’d used a cheaper drugstore mask.

Out of all the products I received in the Birchbox this was probably my least favourite.

*Cruelty free

Superdrug Multi-Mask Duo

Hey everyone, today’s post is all about the multi mask duo sachet from Superdrug which was kindly sent to me as part of their Blog Squad. One side is a moisture mask specifically designed for your cheeks and the other side is a clay mask for your t-zone.

Superdrug Multi Mask Duo

Moisture mask: This mask smells amazing and contains vitamin e which is brilliant for your skin. I’m sure I’ve used this before in a squeeze tube (past review) and it goes on like a moisturiser with a similar consistency and it leaves skin feeling amazing.

Clay Mask: Again I’m sure this was in a squeeze tube as well but I’m not sure if it’s still sold as I didn’t see it on the website. It’s a Dead Sea mask which smells like a men’s shower gel but in a good way and the scent isn’t overpowering. The focus for this is your t-zone and let me tell you it leaves your skin feeling so clean!

I’m not really bothered about mixing masks when it comes to my own personal use as I’m too lazy and tend to forget which area to put it in as I tend to go straight in with the mask. I do think it’s a great option though if you’ve never tried either mask before and want to trial it first before buying it individually. 

This mask doesn’t state the skin type it’s suitable for so if you have sensitive skin I think the Dead Sea salt might be a bit harsh on your skin but the moisturising side would be fine so maybe buy that one separately.

Again it is also vague about who its suitable for in terms of its consumer ethics it mentions being suitable for vegetarians but there is no mention of whether or not it is suitable for vegans like the majority of their products are so check the ingredients before purchase.


Superdrug Mask Haul

If you visit my blog frequently then you’ll know im a sucker for face masks! Usually I pick up Montagne Jeunesse but thought I’d pick up Superdrug’s own brand for a change, the packets are really vibrant and eye-catching with a variety of different masks to choose from. 

Superdrug Face MasksTropical Cocktail Peel-Off: This mask is ideal for all skin types and deeply cleanses and revitalises skin with it’s use of mango and noni fruit juices.

Dead Sea Purifying Clay: This particular mask is ideal for skin prone to oil and blemishes, it deeply cleanses skin and contains Witch Hazel and Willow Bark Extracts. 

Cucumber Clay: Ideal for sensitive skin with its Dead Sea minerals and cooling extracts of cucumber.

Superfruits Exfoliating Mask: Again this is ideal for all skin types and will purify pores whilst smoothing the skin, it’s filled with extracts of raspberry, cranberry and blueberry goodness.

Im dying to try out these masks and hope they are as good as they look 🙂

The masks are priced at a tiny 99p and are currently buy one get one half price.