Pregnancy Skin Care Favourites

As the title suggests this post is all about the skin care products ive been using throughout pregnancy and have found quite useful. Currently I’m at 38 weeks and desperate for my little man to arrive! There are quite a few brands out there that cater specifically for pregnancy and ‘bump care’ but I have been using products that are suitable for everybody.


First of all is the shower products and if like me you have those sluggish days sometimes you just want a quick pamper and with the following products you can have just that.

Shower Products

A lifesaving product is the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor, with its huge soap block around the blades it makes it quick and easy to shave without having to mess around with shaving gel etc.. I personally loved this product before pregnancy but I’ve appreciated it a whole lot more since! You can get it in sensitive which is pictured above or there’s a pink handled razor which I believe is shea butter. You can buy the razor heads separate so there’s no need to throw the whole thing away after use.

Body Scrubs: This isn’t really a necessity but for some soft exfoliation (especially when you get a dry bump!) then I’ve found Boots Extracts and Sanctuary Spa to be really gentle on the skin. My Boots scrub is actually a festive one from a few years ago but you can find a whole range of scents in store/online, it doesn’t feel like your traditional scrub and is quite soft to touch and doesn’t feel harsh on the skin or have harsh scrubbing particles in it.

The Sanctuary Spa Moisturising Butter Scrub is also a firm favourite of mine, it’s again a gentle scrub but without the need to moisturise after use, which when you get to the latter stages of pregnancy is a great thing. The only issue I have with the packaging is it isn’t very sturdy and can feel flimsy at times which makes it awkward to get the product out.

Finally a product I’ve only been using since pregnancy is the Nivea In Body Shower Moisturiser,  with this product you use your usual shower gel then step out of the water to apply the shower moisturizer to then wash it off and believe me your skin ends up so soft! The best way to use the product is to use as little as possible otherwise it can feel a bit greasy.


By no means are these products intended to help with common pregnancy issues such as stretchmark’s etc… they are just products that I found have made life a lot easier!

Battle of the Body Butters!

Body butters come in a large range of scents, brands and sizes etc.. and as I have acquired quite a few different ones I thought I would do a mini post on which one is essentially the winner and best of all they are all small prices!

Body Butters

1) Superdrug Coconut & Sweet Lime: As you may have read from a previous review I love this body butter for it’s tropical fresh scent and packaging, it’s also currently on sale for £1.98 instead of £3.99! The only disadvantage compared to the others is it’s large size, it’s 200ml so isn’t exactly compact but it does have a usage span of 12 months.

2) Tesco Extracts Cranberry & Pomegranate: This is quite different to my other butters as it is purely a fruity scent which makes a nice change and at 50ml is a nice compact size. It’s usage is longer than Superdrug’s at a whopping 24 months. This was a gift which also came with a shower gel.

3) Tesco Extracts: Honey & Shea Butter: This was love at first sight, the butter smells gorgeous and was in a nice little set for £2 with a shower gel, again it is 50ml with a 24 month usage period. The only problem I find with Tesco Extracts is that the scent doesn’t appear to last long unless you use the shower gel with it.

4) Boots Extracts: Cocoa Butter: Another great scent which seems to last and has the same ml and usage time of the Tesco butters, this again was in a gift set with a shower gel which I brought in January, currently it will be on the 3 for 2 on the Boots Christmas guide.  In comparison to the other pots however it’s label doesn’t look as appealing.

And the winner is….

Superdrug Coconut and Lime Body Butter

Superdrug takes the crown with the refreshing scent of coconut and lime!

Although all the products are cruelty free which is a bonus I feel Superdrug’s labelling and scent stands out much more  although I would recommend all the products reviewed.

What’s your favourite body butter?

Autumn/Winter: Budget Body Essentials

Budget Body CollectionAutumn and Winter weather can be a disaster to hair and skin and today’s post will reveal my budget finds which help to tackle dry skin and lips and how to keep hair protected from all the heat products it may face in the coming months.

1) Pure Coconut Body Lotion: This body lotion can be found in discount shops such as Home Bargains and costs a mere £2, at 250ml its quite a large size so will see you through the Winter. The product smells great without being overpowering and leaves skin feeling soft, the only problem I find is that it can be a bit runny.  

2) Satin Care Olay Shaving Gel: I came across this shaving gel in Poundland and its the perfect budget find! its a 75ml bottle which caters for sensitive skin and leaves soft skin behind without the risk of an irritating shavers rash!

3) Garnier Fructis I Love My Sleek Heat Protection Spray: If like me you’ll be subjecting your hair to mass amounts of heat this Winter then you’ll need a great heat protection spray, I Love My Sleek from Garnier smells gorgeous like you’ll find with most Garnier products; it’s 200ml so will last you a while.  I brought this a while ago from Superdrug for around £3.

4) Nivea Hand Nourishing Cream: At 30ml this is the travel size version which retails at £1.50, it’s the perfect handbag size for work or university, it has a slight scent of Macadamia nut oil and leaves hands feeling incredibly soft.

5) Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter: This is hands down my favourite cocoa butter product and for the full size (200ml) it costs £8, mine however was from a set so is only the 50ml size. It smells incredible again without being overpowering and skin feels soft for hours. The matching shower gel in this range is also worth purchasing.

6) Maybelline Baby Lips: I hadn’t been a fan of Baby Lips until I tried the Mint Fresh lip balm, unlike the others this product generally seems to work and doesn’t offer a disappointing tint like Peach Kiss; the mint scent is present and it leaves lips feeling tingly after the first application and my lips do generally feel more hydrated. I’d definitely recommend this product in that range. Currently Superdrug has them on offer buy one get one half price and they cost £2.99