Superdrug Vitamin E Shower Moisturiser

Shower moisturisers are so underrated, I mean how many brands offer them? I discovered the Nivea one when I was pregnant and included it in my Pregnancy Skin Care Favourites. Now I’ve tried the Superdrug Vitamin E one I think I prefer this one out of the two.

Superdrug Vitamin E Shower Moisturiser

First of all the scent is just like a regular moisturiser so nothing strong or off putting and it has a similar consistency. A little of this really does go a long way and it can be so easy to squirt too much out.

This product makes your skin super soft so you don’t need to apply a body butter or lotion after the shower and lets face it who can always be bothered to do that?

It’s recommended for normal to dry skin types and costs £2.99 for 250ml.

The Vitamin E range is great and has everything from micellar water to face scrubs and every other skincare product you might need.

As always it’s cruelty free, vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Surviving University: Health, Body & Skin Edition

It’s that time of year again where University is upon us, firstly congratulations if you got into your chosen uni’s and courses! Or perhaps you are a returning student then its good luck for your continuing studies.

Today’s post is a mini survival post on how to take care of your health, body and skin during your year of study. Some of the products were kindly sent to me from Sam Jennings PR company and will feature a * next to them.

Iron Vital M*: These chewable iron tablets are great for those who don’t get enough iron in their diets and hate the taste of traditional iron tablets, these ones are fruity berry flavoured and cost £9.95 for 30 tablets at Anybody can suffer with iron deficiency so if you’re lacking energy it might not be all those late nights! These are particularly great for vegans and vegetarians who won’t be able to get a great source of iron from red meat.(Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly)

ImmunPRO Infection Blockers*: Fresher’s Flu is notorious and if you don’t catch it then you’re one of the lucky ones but if you are prone to catching nasty germs easily then ImmunPro Infection Blocker tablets might answer your prayers; these chocolate peppermint tablets form a barrier in the mouth and throat that offers protection from germs for 2 hours.  Available in Boots for £7.95. (Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, No artificial colours or preservatives)

Clarol Sebopure

E.L.F Lip Scrub: Dry lips season is on the way and a perfect product to tackle chapped lips is this affordable scrub! A full review can be found here 

Clarol Sebopure*: Long sufferer of acne prone, oily or combination skin? We all want perfect skin without it costing us a fortune or having to use multiple products at a time, well this moisturiser/serum is all you will need to stop your pores from being blocked or inflammation. You can use this product overnight or as a base for other products, I personally use it in the day underneath make up and ive had no breakouts! Best of all its suitable for Vegans and is free from perfumes or parabens. You can find it on and 50ml will cost you £12.95. A little of this product goes a long way.

Belmio Coffee

Belmio Coffee*: A big must have for students is coffee, be the envy of all your friends with Belmio Coffee pods (suitable for Nespresso machines), why spend a fortune in Starbucks when you can have great tasting premium Belgium coffee at home and whenever you want? There’s a great range of flavours and with the introductory offer of £14.95 for 50 capsules you could even go halves with your friends! (

I wish you all the best of luck on your journeys and hope that these survival methods have helped or inspired you!

Got your own survival methods then why not leave them below in the comments?

Boots Boxing Day Sale Haul 2014

The annual Boots Boxing Day sale consists of 50% off all Christmas gifts and Fragrance sets, this mini haul will show you what I managed to pick up for some great prices!

Cute or What Bath BagCute or What Wash Bag

I managed to get this cute wash bag set for £6 which includes a body wash, body butter, bubble bath and a small body puff. I picked up one of these last year which featured a fox bag, I love the consistency of the animal theme which changes each year.

Cute or WhatCute or What: Bath Fizzers and Lip Balm Trio

Continuing with the Cute or What brand I managed to pick up a trio of bath fizzers with a kitty design and a lip balm trio for £2.50 each. This is a great price and will make lovely gifts so it’s worth picking them up!

Fearne Bath CollectionFearne Bath SetFearneBath Set

A firm favourite of mine this year is from the Fearne Cotton collection. This set cost £5 and features a body puff, body butter, body wash, body scrub and a hand lotion all packaged neatly into a little drawer inspired box. The packaging for this looks great and the productshave a ‘musky aroma’ scent which is subtle yet smells amazing.

Sanctuary Spa Little Bag of TreatsSanctuary Spa: Little Bag of Treats

The final gift I picked up was this stunning little Sanctuary Spa set which is held together in a floral silk bag. The contents include a bath puff, body wash, body lotion and a body scrub. This set looks quite elegant so again it would make a great gift and best of all it only cost £4!

Sanctuary Spa BagHave you picked up anything from the Boots sale?

*Images taken on HTC Desire 610

Leafy & Lovely Hand Lotion Review

Leafy & Lovely are an exclusive brand to Superdrug and can be found in the Christmas gift aisle. Items range from bath to hand to homeware products. I picked up the hand cream to try which is in a 100ml bottle and cost £2.

The scent is quite pleasant and fruity, it isn’t overpowering and has a ‘zesty boost’ from grapefruit and lime for a citrus scent. The product overall smells quite fresh and the hand lotion itself has a good consistency and isn’t too heavy or runny like some creams can be. I adore the packaging as it’s quite simplistic but fun and as the brand states lovely.

It is cruelty free which is always a bonus and the 100ml bottle is sure to last throughout Winter! Although the size isn’t exactly compact for travel it is still a great item to use at home as your hands are left feeling so soft thanks to the element of shea butter.

I hadn’t heard of this brand until recently and wondered why as the products smell great and have a nice small price tag; whether you are buying for yourself or a friend I definitely recommend you pop to Superdrug and pick up this brand! 

Unfortunately this brand is only available at Christmas.

Superdrug Coconut and Sweet Lime Body Butter Review

Coconut & Sweet Lime Body Butter is part of Superdrug’s own brand range of body butters. with them currently on offer for £1.99 instead of £3.99 I managed to pick up a bargain! The pot is quite large at 200ml and the packaging stands out compared to other brands of body butter.

Coconut and Lime Body Butter

The scent is quite fresh and tropical, only a small amount is needed and the butter itself glides onto the skin and doesn’t feel ‘greasy’ in the slightest.  The product is cruelty-free and can be used for up to 12 months.

Superdrug Body Butter

If you are in need of a new body butter then I’d definitely recommend this item or another one within the range, you cant go wrong with the price and it leaves skin unbelievable soft! The hint of lime certainly gives a twist to your ordinary coconut body butter and best of all the scent lasts a while after application.

Autumn/Winter: Budget Body Essentials

Budget Body CollectionAutumn and Winter weather can be a disaster to hair and skin and today’s post will reveal my budget finds which help to tackle dry skin and lips and how to keep hair protected from all the heat products it may face in the coming months.

1) Pure Coconut Body Lotion: This body lotion can be found in discount shops such as Home Bargains and costs a mere £2, at 250ml its quite a large size so will see you through the Winter. The product smells great without being overpowering and leaves skin feeling soft, the only problem I find is that it can be a bit runny.  

2) Satin Care Olay Shaving Gel: I came across this shaving gel in Poundland and its the perfect budget find! its a 75ml bottle which caters for sensitive skin and leaves soft skin behind without the risk of an irritating shavers rash!

3) Garnier Fructis I Love My Sleek Heat Protection Spray: If like me you’ll be subjecting your hair to mass amounts of heat this Winter then you’ll need a great heat protection spray, I Love My Sleek from Garnier smells gorgeous like you’ll find with most Garnier products; it’s 200ml so will last you a while.  I brought this a while ago from Superdrug for around £3.

4) Nivea Hand Nourishing Cream: At 30ml this is the travel size version which retails at £1.50, it’s the perfect handbag size for work or university, it has a slight scent of Macadamia nut oil and leaves hands feeling incredibly soft.

5) Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter: This is hands down my favourite cocoa butter product and for the full size (200ml) it costs £8, mine however was from a set so is only the 50ml size. It smells incredible again without being overpowering and skin feels soft for hours. The matching shower gel in this range is also worth purchasing.

6) Maybelline Baby Lips: I hadn’t been a fan of Baby Lips until I tried the Mint Fresh lip balm, unlike the others this product generally seems to work and doesn’t offer a disappointing tint like Peach Kiss; the mint scent is present and it leaves lips feeling tingly after the first application and my lips do generally feel more hydrated. I’d definitely recommend this product in that range. Currently Superdrug has them on offer buy one get one half price and they cost £2.99

Consumerism: The Beauty Industry

A consumer is an individual that has the power to choose what they themselves consume, they understand what it is they wish to consume and what effect it will have on them, be it for desirable purposes or for identity status. Consumerism can be determined by Marx as “The mode of production of material life determines the general character of the social, political and spiritual process of life. It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being but, on the contrary; their social being determines their consciousness” (Hiebert, Ungurait and Bohn, 1991: 484).It seems that in order for individuals to consume then society must determine what is out there for them to do so e.g. mass culture. The consumer culture is saturated with the buying and selling of commodities which are dominating the society, the consumption can be determined by factors such as consumer status or the simply the pleasure that it may bring to them, consumption is pushed further than the essentials needed for survival such as food, drink and clothing.  Consumerism can be linked to mass culture, Dwight Macdonald states that mass culture is a “manufactured wholesale for the market” the consumer has no influence as to what is put out onto the market for them to purchase, corporations take little consideration over what the people want and will mass produce the products they wish to put out.  Mass culture or ‘Fordism’ is “an approach to the organisation of capitalist enterprise characterized among other things, by the large-scale assembly line production of standardized universally targeted goods”(Hodkinson, P, 2011, 289)“For each new class which puts itself in the place of one ruling before it, is compelled, merely in order to carry through its aims, to represent its interest as the common interest of all the members of society, that is, expressed in ideal form: it has to give its ideas the form of universality, and represent them as the only rational, universal valid ones” (Storey, 1998: 192)

Stating again Marx’s take on consumerism and the consciousness of a being, being determined on society, this can be linked to ideology  “a systematic framework of social understanding motivated by a will to power or a desire to be accepted as the ‘right’ way of thinking” (Lacey, 2009, p.100) Consumer markets can take advantage of impressionable consumers by determining what the ‘right’ way of thinking is, currently teenagers are under the impression that image is everything so companies can take this into account when advertising their products.  With capitalism the body is seen as an investment as well as consumption, it is treated more so as an object that can be dressed differently by what is currently being dominated in society.  A few years ago fake tan was quite popular, large consumptions of it would be taken by individuals in order to have the look that was dominating society, recently made more popular by the likes of television programmes such as The Only Way Is Essex (Towie).

Towie CastAlthough a consumer determines what they choose to consume with the underlying signs being possessed by the fashion and cosmetic industry it is hard for the consumer not to be fully happy with their selves, the signs which advertisements show for example for an anti-ageing cream is that you can be truly happy and look youthful if you use the product and if you don’t use it then you shouldn’t feel comfortable with yourself, although you can’t fully stop the ageing process the consumption of these types of products will make you feel like you’re doing so. The widespread image of a distorted body image is maintained by large corporations as well as the media, by simply watching an advertisement or reading magazine information is being consumed, it is up to the individual whether or not they act upon what they have seen.  This helps the understanding of the current media landscape as with press media consumers can be influenced by what they read, they would then spend their ‘leisure’ time trying to find the correct goods to change their identity.

Special KAccording to Baudrillard “The idea of leisure-time expresses a new puritan morality disguised as hedonism.  Time in capitalism is turned into private property, especially as leisure-time.  It is bought (through labour-saving devices) or earned (such as holidays), then consumed in an appearance of wasting it.” (Robinson, A, 2012) There is little meaning towards leisure time now as individuals are either worrying about their appearance and identity or are consuming more products. With the current body image representation being thrust at individuals through the media then during their free time impressionable teenagers could be altering their bodies through dieting and cosmetics, the powerful cosmetics industries make consumers challenge their appearance, they can’t truly feel comfortable with their selves without altering their bodies to fit in with society.   Although it may seem like free time to the individual consumer in a sense they are still working towards something which in this case would be to change their body.  

Dove Beauty CampaignIn postmodern society Baudrillard presents the idea that “the consumption of goods, images and fashions has become so all-encompassing that not only the economic base, but by any sense of an external or determining reality, disappears.  (Lister et al, 2003)  This idea is linked to hyper-reality and shows that beyond the commodity there is nothing else there, with a commodity such as body image it is hard to see what is real as all different messages are being consumed as to what consumers should strive to look like and changes as society progresses.

*images from Google


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