Netflix Insatiable Body Shaming Comedy Controversy

A brand new Netflix dark comedy Insatiable due for an August release has caused outrage with its first trailer. Debbie Ryan plays Patty an overweight teenage girl who over the summer loses a lot of weight due to having her jaw wired shut, she returns to school and seeks revenge of those who bullied her.

First of all are we really doing  high school revenge plot again? that was already done badly in 13 Reasons Why and secondly why is it another cliché she’s a hot popular girl now she’s lost tons of weight (rolls eyes).

Netflix Insatiable Debbie Ryan

This might be described as a satirical or dark comedy but how awful is the body suit for the larger Patty they could have made her body look more realistic and why must it be she can only seek revenge on the bullies when she is thin, why seek revenge at all?

A lot of people feel this show is body shaming and will cause eating disorders amongst viewers who feel that if they are overweight they’ll also be bullied or that the only way to be accepted is to be thin and popular which I can agree with as it is an overly used narrative that you must look a certain way in high school to fit in.

It may not have been the creators intentions but couldn’t it have shown a larger confident girl happy with her weight or only changing her size because she wants to and not because she physically cant eat? Yes people get bullied at school due to their weight or appearance but this is giving audiences the green light to seek revenge, making them no better than the bullies or making people feel their worth is based on their size.

A petition is spreading over the internet to get the programme cancelled before it is even aired which just proves how much of a fail it is and that audiences are not okay with body shaming.

Netflix had the chance to positively represent body image and mental health and again it has fallen short in favour of the stereotypical narrative which needs to be redefined to cater to all audiences.

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Victoria’s Secret: Perfect Body

Perfect Body Victoria's SecretThe ‘Perfect Body’ or bodies used in the latest campaign for the large American corporation Victoria’s Secret has caused outrage and backlash against many who feel they used a poor choice of words and models. Three UK students Frances Black, Gabriella Kountourides & Laura Ferris have taken it upon their selves to get the advertisement re-worded or at least an apology from the company, this is through the use of a petition which currently has 20,452 supporters.

The #iamperfect campaign and Twitter handle has been created by those that want the company to change their views and come to the understanding that they are spreading an incredibly unhealthy message about body image.

If you are aware of ‘Victoria’s Angels’ which showcases models such as Miranda Kerr then you will know that this company frequently uses slim models in it’s campaigns, the ‘perfect body’ is no different and showcases 10 models with similar body types and emphasis that the perfect body is a slim frame with a push up bra… It has also been accused of airbrushing the models to make them look more desirable and ‘perfect’ which lets face it doesn’t exist, especially when airbrushing comes into the equation.

The students are brave for setting up the petition and taking on such a large corporations which has millions of female fans, it is their duty as a company to inspire females with their products rather than unleashing a campaign that makes you think in order to have the perfect body you must look like the models they specifically pick to front the advertisements.

The advertisements have been showcased across billboards and other means of marketing so there would be no avoiding the imagery, the models can also be shown with ‘thigh gaps’ which is a very dangerous thing which young females have tried to achieve so again Victoria’s Secret are promoting an unhealthy look which could lead to eating disorders if people tried to obtain it. This form of ‘body shaming’ is getting out of hand and can be frequently found across the media.

If you would like to sign the petition then click the link below!

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