Montagne Jeunesse: Amore Rose Face Mask Review

Amore Rose MaskWith the use of Damask Rose petals and Marula Oil this particular Montagne Jeunesse mask offers a deep cleanse with a mud mask like consistency.  As per usual the face mask wasn’t the pink colour like illustrated on the packet but was a beige colour which dried to white when finished; it is suitable for dry and combination skin. 

If you have read some of my previous face mask reviews then you will notice that sometimes the masks are hit and miss, this particular mask I found to be neutral although it does have some negative points.

Firstly I found the smell of the mask to be quite overpowering which was a little off putting to me personally, it was also quite a thick consistency so it felt to me that it took quite a while to fully dry although I didn’t time it. The mask had what felt like a cooling sensation when applied and left my skin feeling quite soft.  

I probably would use this mask again as it did feel like it worked well on my skin, however, if you want a mask that is quick and easy to apply then I wouldn’t recommend this as the drying time is quite long.

Boots Boxing Day Sale Haul 2014

The annual Boots Boxing Day sale consists of 50% off all Christmas gifts and Fragrance sets, this mini haul will show you what I managed to pick up for some great prices!

Cute or What Bath BagCute or What Wash Bag

I managed to get this cute wash bag set for £6 which includes a body wash, body butter, bubble bath and a small body puff. I picked up one of these last year which featured a fox bag, I love the consistency of the animal theme which changes each year.

Cute or WhatCute or What: Bath Fizzers and Lip Balm Trio

Continuing with the Cute or What brand I managed to pick up a trio of bath fizzers with a kitty design and a lip balm trio for £2.50 each. This is a great price and will make lovely gifts so it’s worth picking them up!

Fearne Bath CollectionFearne Bath SetFearneBath Set

A firm favourite of mine this year is from the Fearne Cotton collection. This set cost £5 and features a body puff, body butter, body wash, body scrub and a hand lotion all packaged neatly into a little drawer inspired box. The packaging for this looks great and the productshave a ‘musky aroma’ scent which is subtle yet smells amazing.

Sanctuary Spa Little Bag of TreatsSanctuary Spa: Little Bag of Treats

The final gift I picked up was this stunning little Sanctuary Spa set which is held together in a floral silk bag. The contents include a bath puff, body wash, body lotion and a body scrub. This set looks quite elegant so again it would make a great gift and best of all it only cost £4!

Sanctuary Spa BagHave you picked up anything from the Boots sale?

*Images taken on HTC Desire 610

Montagne Jeunesse Creamy Coconut Face Mask Review

Creamy Coconut Face MaskMontagne Jeunesse as you all know is a cruelty free beauty company that specialises in face masks, tonight I tried out ‘Creamy Coconut’ for the first time which claims to have a hydrating vitality boost for tired skin. At first the product which contains Coconut Water and Shea Butter smelt really good but upon application the scent became unappealing which was a shame as I love coconut products. This mask can be used for dry, mature and normal skin types and is applied to cleansed skin and left on for 20 minutes; the mask has the consistency of a moisturiser and absorbs into the skin literally over the 20 minutes. I didn’t have much of the mask visible after my 20 minutes but continued to wash it off like normal.   Although this mask did leave my skin feeling soft it hasn’t made a dramatic difference like some other masks have done in the past, im not sure if I would recommend this one as I much prefer the Very Berry mask I reviewed not so long ago.

Montagne Jeunesse Very Berry Face Mask Review

Very Berry MaskMontagne Jeunesse Very Berry face mask/masque containing blueberries and cranberries smells divine and moisturises skin and also leaves a clean complexion. To use this mask you need to apply it onto cleansed dry skin, only a thin layer is needed meaning plenty is left for another use and after 15 minutes you can wash it off.

Berry MaskThe mask does look quite like a black cherry yoghurt without the thick consistency! As I said before this will make for more than one use which could be a pro or a con depending on when you’ll next get to use it. All Montagne Jeunesse products are cruelty free and this particular mask can be used on all skin types.

The only downside I found to this is that my face is quite shimmery after use, the product itself was a shimmery violet but I wasn’t expecting this after washing it off, if you do use this mask then I would recommend you us it before bed instead of if you were to use it before going out.     

Salon ‘Fat Tax’ Worth The Cost?

Wax potFat Tax, sounds like a joke right? Well evidently not! A salon in London ‘MM Bubbles’ has the audacity to charge women with a dress size of 12 and above extra for treatments such as leg waxing.

Women dress size 12 and over are charged an extra £5 and £10 for those above size 18, why? simply because the owners believe they should do this to cover the cost of using extra materials, personally I find it quite insulting and don’t see wax products breaking the bank for them but its a policy they have firmly set into place.

The national average dress size of a British women is  size 16 so why does this particular salon believe size 12 is ‘large’? The treatment itself before the price increase is £21 which isn’t exactly cheap let alone adding an extra 5-£10 on top of it.

For some women this could be a blow to their confidence, especially for those who aren’t comfortable with their bodies due to the media forever emphasizing tiny frames and portraying curvy women as being unattractive compared to the model ideal.

Do you think this is a fair ‘tax’?

Id love to hear your thoughts.

Beauty Perception: Global Cosmetic Trends

Beauty on a whole cannot be avoided, different cultures and countries have an idealistic vision of what is deemed as beautiful and perfect. Some countries are offering surgery which is taking body image to a whole new level, what would be the extent of your beauty regime?

Bizarre Beauty

Believe it or not in China a sign of success can be shown by your height, the average height of females is 5ft, 2ins but what does that have to do with beauty? Well locals are putting their selves through surgery to lengthen their height, a painful measure to be perceived as successful.

Leg surgeryThe process involves the individuals legs being broken and then stretched on a rack, it involves pins being screwed into the flesh and being held into place until the desired length is achieved. Is something that sounds so painful and looks it really worth the trouble, what would happen if a trend was put into place where being small was beautiful?

If you thought that was bad in South Korea a procedure can be undertook for your jaw to be reshaped, again this involves the bones being broken and in some cases the bone can be shaven, a dangerous trend that is populating around South Korea so women can have more petite and feminine looking faces.  

In Japan nose implants in the form of dermal fillers are being placed in those that want to achieve a larger looking nose, now I’ve heard of nose reductions but making them larger seems strange to me, the dermal fillers can also be placed in the chin.

skin-whitening-cream-2In Thailand if you have light skin then you are considered to be rich as you haven’t been working in the sun all day, because of this status an increase of skin lightening cream has increased in sales. “A survey carried out by the British Skin Foundation found that 16% of
dermatologists believe lightening creams are ‘completely unsafe’ and 80% feel
they are only safe when prescribed by a dermatologist”

buttock_implant_placementsThe Large Bum Trend

Bum Implants aren’t out of the ordinary, curvier women are considered sexier in some cultures, famously known as ‘The Brazilian Butt lift’ it is becoming more popular in the UK, another dangerous surgery as reported it can kill you if not done correctly, previous stories have included the implants leaking which has gotten into the bloodstream and caused heart failure.

Stranger methods are in order in Jamaica, in a society where having a curvy body and larger bum is essential women are being driven to achieve the look by consuming “chicken” pills, this is usually something a farmer gives to their chickens in order for them to gain weight, should it really be for human consumption? However in India women are taking steroid pills in order to get larger, surely steroids is a bad idea and are harmful to the body and not worth the risk.


Whilst cosmetic surgery isn’t out of the ordinary anymore and is increasingly becoming more common, there are in fact 27,730 plastic surgeons are operating around the world, the perception of beauty isn’t reliable and can change quicker than expected so is putting your health at risk to fit the norm really worth it? Cosmetic surgery may seem like a quick fix but can hazard all sorts of risks especially if a reputable surgeon hasn’t done the procedure. People all over the world should enjoy their bodies and embrace what they have, why should it matter if you aren’t as tall as you want to be? So what if you don’t have a large bum it shouldn’t matter what we look like so long as we are confident in our own skin.

*images from Google