Witch Skincare Haul

As of late my skins became quite stressed out so I’ve been looking at products which will hopefully calm my skin down. I’ve never used Witch before but are aware that the brand is quite popular. To start with I only planned on getting the Blackhead Clearing Gel as im more prone to them than actual spots but I ended up with a haul as you’ll see…

Witch Skincare Haul

On my quest for clear skin I opted for:

  • Witch Blemish Stick (I paid £1.97, it’s usually £2.50)
  • Blackhead Clearing Gel (I paid £3.97, usually £4.99)
  • Overnight Clearing Serum (£5.99, BOGOF)
  • Daily Primer and Clearing Serum (£6.99 I think- BOGOF)
  • 25 Cleansing and Toning Wipes (£1.97 usually £2.99)

Whilst im not 100% whether these offers are still on I thought I’d give the price ranges either way, the discounted items were purchased from Asda whereas the BOGOF deal was Superdrug. The offer in Superdrug has now changed to 1/3 off instead.

Witch Overnight Serum and Primer

The two ‘serums’ were not really what I expected, to me its the consistency of a moisturiser and I guess I was expecting a gel… They are also quite similar and are applied thinly onto the skin either in the evening or morning if you use the daily primer.

Whilst the overnight serum claims to visibly reduce blemishes and spots the daily primer promises to prevent new spots…

Witch Blemish Stick

 The blemish stick can be applied throughout the day, it can be used on all skin types but is better on oily skin according to the packaging. I found the blemish stick okay but on the odd occasion it can cause a quick burning sensation… I also like that it can be applied multiple times if needed.

I love the skincare wipes as I do wear make up frequently throughout the week and find that these are so gentle to the skin, I haven’t however, used the wipes to remove eye make up so I don’t know if they are suitable for all make up removal…

Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel

I left the Blackhead Clearing Gel to the very end as this is the one product I am not satisfied with… It claims to visibly reduce the appearance from 1 use but sadly this isn’t the case for me. As stated earlier I suffer more from blackheads from actual spots so I guess I expected a miracle from this product but after 3 uses I cant say its exactly a go to gel and im not actually sure I’d purchase it again.

Overall for my first use of Witch its been mainly positive, I love the smell of the products and the simple packaging and I would use them again in the future.

Soap & Glory: It’s The Whole She-Bang

Philip Colbert the designer of Rodnik collaborated with Soap and Glory to create ‘It’s the Whole She-Bang’. The design inspired by Pop Art features all over the large bag filled with popular Soap and Glory goodies.

The Whole She-Bang BagI managed to purchase the bag from Boots on the Star Gift other, after a lot of deliberation I finally took the plunge as I’d never actually used the brand before.

The bag includes 9 items for head to toe beauty…

The Whole She-Bang

What’s in the bag?

  • Scrub Of Your Life
  • The Righteous Butter: Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion
  • Hand Food
  • Heel Genius
  • Peaches and Clean: Deep Cleansing Milk
  • The Righteous Butter
  • Thick and Fast Mascara
  • Sexy Mother-Pucker: Rose and Shine

As you can see there’s a great selection of full sized products (minus the make up).

For my first real experience of Soap and Glory I am pleased with all the items minus the Sunkissed Tint but that is because I don’t use any fake tan related products.

I fell in love with the brand and cant wait to try more things in the future!



WhSmith: Mini Folder Haul

Whsmith Folder HaulI’m halfway through my final year at university now so I don’t have many more opportunities to pick up stationery now, however, I needed more folders for research and found some lovely low priced ones in WhSmith. If you’ve seen my previous stationery haul posts then you will recognise the above collections!

Starting off with ‘Face Friends’ collection I picked up the cute cat folder for £1.99, this is the wide folder so plenty of space for research and other notes. You can also pick up a slimmer folder for a similar price but this had a different character face and not the cat.

Face Friends Cat FolderAlso from the collection were the adorable orange document wallets, I picked up 2 for 99p each, these aren’t necessarily going to be used for uni but they make great storage pieces for your important documents such as pay slips or even for photographs. I like that the Face Friends collection brings a fun touch to your work rather than having a plain folder etc… I like my stationery to stand out personally and love picking up new pieces and collections.

Face Friends WalletsFinally I picked up a simple pink and white polka dot folder for £1.49, this matches a notebook I’d brought previously and makes a nice little set if you like all things girly all polka dot related!

Don’t forget to leave any haul posts in the comments, I’d love to read them 🙂

*Photo’s taken on HTC Desire 610

Battle of the Body Butters!

Body butters come in a large range of scents, brands and sizes etc.. and as I have acquired quite a few different ones I thought I would do a mini post on which one is essentially the winner and best of all they are all small prices!

Body Butters

1) Superdrug Coconut & Sweet Lime: As you may have read from a previous review I love this body butter for it’s tropical fresh scent and packaging, it’s also currently on sale for £1.98 instead of £3.99! The only disadvantage compared to the others is it’s large size, it’s 200ml so isn’t exactly compact but it does have a usage span of 12 months.

2) Tesco Extracts Cranberry & Pomegranate: This is quite different to my other butters as it is purely a fruity scent which makes a nice change and at 50ml is a nice compact size. It’s usage is longer than Superdrug’s at a whopping 24 months. This was a gift which also came with a shower gel.

3) Tesco Extracts: Honey & Shea Butter: This was love at first sight, the butter smells gorgeous and was in a nice little set for £2 with a shower gel, again it is 50ml with a 24 month usage period. The only problem I find with Tesco Extracts is that the scent doesn’t appear to last long unless you use the shower gel with it.

4) Boots Extracts: Cocoa Butter: Another great scent which seems to last and has the same ml and usage time of the Tesco butters, this again was in a gift set with a shower gel which I brought in January, currently it will be on the 3 for 2 on the Boots Christmas guide.  In comparison to the other pots however it’s label doesn’t look as appealing.

And the winner is….

Superdrug Coconut and Lime Body Butter

Superdrug takes the crown with the refreshing scent of coconut and lime!

Although all the products are cruelty free which is a bonus I feel Superdrug’s labelling and scent stands out much more  although I would recommend all the products reviewed.

What’s your favourite body butter?

Primark Mini Clothes Haul 2014

In celebration of Student Finance being in the bank I thought I’d celebrate with a trip to Primark and picked up some great items for going back to university.

£3 Beanie
£3 Beanie

First up is this novelty beanie hat for the small price of £3, I love cats so it was the perfect match and I also like getting a new animal beanie every year; last year was the Raccoon hat also from Primark and a year or 2 before the Panda beanie from River Island. This cosy hat will be perfect for when the weather becomes much cooler and it’s also rather cute!

£6 T-Shirt
£6 T-Shirt

Jurassic Park brings back memories of watching it as a child and being terrified of the dinosaurs! so naturally I had to pick up this top as it is such a cool film, I also love the retro/vintage look the top has with the rose floral print. Primark are doing well in terms of film and TV t-shirts as they’ve had a great range over the past couple of months; it’s also nice to see that they didn’t subject Jurassic Park to Menswear.

£7 Skinny Jeans
£7 Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are essential to me and having had my favourite pair now get a hole in the knee I decided it was finally time for me to buy some more, I picked up two great pairs for £7 each in black (not pictured) and grey and funnily enough they feel quite soft and not like jeans at all which is a bonus! I love that the cost is so little so if the unfortunate hole in the knee happened again I could easily replace them.

£8 Boots
£8 Boots

I thought I’d end my haul with my wish list boots, unfortunately when I decided to go back and get them the queue was far too large and I would have missed my bus resulting in another hour wait! The boots cost £8 and also come in blue and green, I adore the colours and have a blue pair from last year. Only problem being they are a suede material so not great for the rain!  I’m not personally a fan of the Chelsea boot trend which I seem to be seeing everywhere so it’s a great change for people like me what want a simple pair of pixie style boots. 

Have you had a Primark haul recently? Drop your links in the comment box I’d love to see what you’ve brought! 🙂

Back to University: Stationery Haul

As you may know I’ll be going into my third and final year of university come October, as a stationery enthusiast ive already brought all the items I’ll need including cute notebooks, gel pens and a quirky desk organiser and all the items from this post will have came from WhSmith both in store and online.


As you can tell I don’t go for plain notebooks or refill books! I do try to have matching sets though which has almost happened here minus the Aztec print book which was on the 3 for 2 offer! The notebooks are all hardback without dividers and range from A4 to A5.

1) A4 Aztec Tribal Print Book: Around £4.99 on the 3 for 2 offer.

Aztec Print Notebook

2/3) A5 Pink and Purple Polka Dot Notebooks: I brought these online for £2.39 each and they’ll be a similar price in store, ive always loved polka dots and being purple is my favourite colour it has instantly became a favourite of mine. The pink and orange book also stands out so will look great in lectures. 

Purple Polka Dot Notebook

4) A4 Blue Polka Dots Book: I picked this up in store for £2.99 to finish off my notebook collection as I have a notebook now to coincide with each separate module. I much prefer the smaller polka dots but it still beats having a plain book to write in and the sky blue is a nice touch!

Blue Polka Dot Notebook

5) A5 Chunky Face Friends Notebook: This notebook was too cute to resist and comes from the ‘Face Friends’ range but I just call it my monster notebooks! The book was £5.99 which is a bit pricey but it was on the 3 for 2 offer and is quite a chunky book which I plan to safe for my dissertation notes so I feel more motivated to work on it!

A5 Chunky Face Friends Notebook

6) A4 Face Friends Notebook: Again as part of the 3 for 2 offer I picked up this cute notebook for around £4.99 to match my A5, the pattern is quite cute and will offer a ‘fun’ factor to my notes. I believe having books you enjoy looking at and writing in will increase motivation and as this is my third and final year it’s important that I stay motivated and do the best I can.

Gel Pens

7) 30 Pack of Gel Pens: Another motivational technique im going to employ is having colourful notes, I managed to spot a large pack of colourful and glittery gel pens for £4.99 in store which is the stores own brand and was such a great price as I will find them really useful and they’ll come in handy for planning my dissertation.

Empty Dinosaur Organiser

8) Dinosaur Organiser: I couldn’t resist picking up this little organiser that stores notes, it can have the important ones clipped to it’s mouth and it even holds pens! This little beauty cost a mere £2.99 and was on the 4 for 3 offer so why not go shopping with your friends and put your stationery together to save money! Or just pick up 4 things for yourself 🙂

The 4 for 3 offer included the dinosaur organiser, a hippo organiser, staplers, rulers and erasers.

Dinosaur Organiser

I hope you enjoyed my haul post so why not share your stationery links with me or even drop a comment and tell me what you plan on buying for school/college/university? 🙂

Also check out my Dissertation Preparation post if you too are going into your third year of university. 🙂