Primark Disney: Chip is back!

Disney’s favourite little cup is back, Chip from Beauty and the Beast caused a storm last year when ‘chip gate’ meant that nobody could get their hands on him and many mugs were placed on EBay for ridiculous prices.

Chip Mug Primark
The one that started it all

A new design has just been released and Disney fanatics will recognise its from the scene when he asks Belle if she wants to see a trick and he then blows bubbles. The mug is absolutely adorable and retails at £5. 

Primark Chip Bubbles Mug

The original Chip came in a cardboard box whereas the new design is a plastic box which I prefer as its much easier to see the whole design.

Chip Bubbles Mug

The back of the mug perfectly illustrates the ‘wanna see me do a trick’ scene and gives the mug a great 360′ view. As a huge Disney fan I am loving all of the Primark homeware but unfortunately it isn’t always easy to get.

The first Chip mug took me months to find in my local store, however, I managed to get the bubbles mug on its release day.

I definitely recommend these mugs for any Disney fans and they make great gifts!  Please don’t pay ridiculous prices on EBay when these mugs are so affordable, it might take a while to find them but it’s worth the wait.

Let me know if you want to see more Disney posts! 🙂  

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