Tanya Burr Galaxy Eye Palette

The Galaxy Eye Palette by Tanya Burr Cosmetics is a mini eye palette that features the four shades brilliantly named Snowflake, Moonlight, Stormy Sky and Starry Night. Cased within a small compact Square its easily accessible to your handbag or make up case and features Tanya’s trademark heart shaped mirror.


The packaging itself is cute with its silvery box and shiny stars to add to the space theme, the scalloped framing is again a classic feature of the brand.

tanya-burrOne of the reasons I picked this palette out of the others is because of the colours, I loved the look of the brown colours and the shimmery black. This is the first eye palette I have used for Tanya Burr and do not own any others at present.



At a glance the colours are absolutely lovely but unfortunately on application they aren’t very impressive which the swatches below will show. I’m not sure if the other palettes have poor application or if its just this one. As expected the shimmery shades do have fall out but I think this happens with most glitter eye-shadows.


From left to right is Snowflake, Moonlight, Stormy Sky and Starry Night. My favourite colour pre-application is Moonlight which is a shimmery brown/nude but as you can see from the swatch it isn’t very visible.

I don’t really use Snowflake and Starry Night isn’t as shimmery as it looks in the box. I feel in order to get any pay off from the brown colours is to pack quite a lot on your eyelid, even then the colours are still mundane.

Overall I didn’t find this palette very impressive, I wouldn’t buy this one again when it runs out but it hasn’t put me off buying Tanya Burr Cosmetics in the future as I love her lip-glosses and nail varnishes.

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