Halloween Yankee Candles

Halloween is nearly upon us so dust off your broomsticks, bring out your vampire fangs and capes and get ready to celebrate the spooky season in style.

Yankee Candle as you may tell from previous posts is my favourite brand of scented candle! For the Halloween period they have bought out a great range of candles and holders to really set the mood, granted they have been doing it for many years but 2015 is the first time ive added them to my collection.

YANKEE CANDLE HALLOWEENAs you can see the holders are spooky and cute, the skeleton is just adorable and could get away with being out all year round, the pumpkin is also a great piece and there’s even a Frankenstein head which unfortunately I do not have.

The wax melts were purchased from eBay for around £1.20 each, Ghostly Treats I believe is from 2014, however, I have not managed to find it in my local Yankee shop this year…

The Sampler Votives were from the Yankee Store for around £1.80 along with the holders which were around £6.99 each, they fit the Votives well and its really easy to remove the burnt out wax at the end which is always a bonus!


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