Superdrug: Mini Mask Haul

Superdrug’s range of own brand products are a firm favourite of mine (see past reviews) so I decided to try out to more masks from their squirty bottle range. The Superdrug mask sachets are also a great purchase and come in different scents and are for different purposes and skin types.

Superdrug masksI picked up the masks up on the offer 2 for £3.50 , the Aloe Vera is for normal or combination skin whilst the Dead Sea Mud mask is for normal or oily skin. The bottles are great to use if you aren’t a fan of the sachet varieties, personally I like both but sometimes the sachets go to waste…

Aloe Vera

This mask is green in colour and is a creamy consistency, the smell isn’t overpowering which is always a good sign. It doesn’t come out too thick but you could always layer up the mask if you wished too… I found the mask left my skin really soft and I would use it again.

Dead Sea Mud

The first thing I noticed about this mask was its smell, it smells like the shower gels aimed specifically for men but this shouldn’t put you off… the mud is a grey colour and again doesn’t come out too thick.  My skin felt quite warm to touch after the mask was removed and slightly red in places.

Both masks have a take off time of 10-15 minutes.

A Friendly Warning

Product reviews on the Superdrug website state that some of the consumers have had reactions to both of these masks and have experienced red blotchy skin.  

The bottle suggests you test a small patch before using it fully but if you have sensitive skin I’d personally give it a miss. 

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