Deep Action: Pore Cleansing Pads

Are blackheads and blemishes the bane of your life? or are you a sufferer of oily skin? If these problems affect you then try giving Deep Action a try! The range is part of Superdrug’s own collection and are great for skin problems with a small price tag to make them even more desirable.

Deep Action Pore Cleansing PadsEach pots contain around 40 pads and the scent isn’t too strong which makes them perfect to use each morning and night. The pad has two sides, a ‘rougher’ edge which you use first and then a ‘smooth’ surface and instantly you can see any dirt which has been removed. These are similar to the Clearasil pads you can purchase but I personally are not a fan of those as I find them to be quite greasy feeling at times, I never have that problem with these pads.

At first use I was shocked at how much dirt the pad had picked up! I don’t necessarily have bad skin but recently it had been oily and a few blackheads had appeared but within a week or two of using these pads daily I’ve found that my skin has vastly improved.  The product states it is not for sensitive skin and just like all Superdrug branded products it is cruelty free and suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.  

The pads are usually BOGOF for around £2.70 (or below) and often found at half price. It just goes to show that own brand products can meet the expectations of the high end products. 

*Image taken on HTC 620

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