Lush: Mini Haul

Admittedly I’d never been in a Lush store until yesterday afternoon, ive seen so many blogger reviews about the products so decided to have a browse for myself. The sales assistant that greeted me was so nice and helpful whilst I explained I was looking for a product that tackled stressed and dry skin that has developed recently due to work and university.

I picked up two of the tea tree ‘Toner Tabs’ as we all know that tea tree is great for tackling troublesome skin, the tabs go into a bowl of hot water with you placing your face over it for a steam clean, the left over water can be stored in a spray bottle to create a toner mist for up to one week.

Lush Mini HaulI was nicely given a demonstration of the Cupcake face mask and a sample pot to take home and try which I thought was a lovely touch as it saves you from diving in and buying a product you may not like, this turned out to be true in my case as I wasn’t really a fan of the texture but it has left my skin lovely and soft!

Lush Cupcake Mask SampleThe product itself reminds me of a mashed up chocolate muffin so the name is appropriate! Although I have only a sample sized pot I found that after one application I still had plenty left over for at least one more application.

Lush Ocean Salt Another product demonstration included Ocean Salt, I instantly fell in love with this product as it instantly cleared up a dry patch of skin on my hand that had been caused overexposure to heat at work. This face and body scrub smells gorgeous and doesn’t feel harsh on your skin like some scrubs can do and best of all it doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge like I know the mask pots have to be.

Although the product is expensive, I have found it to work instantly and it has the recommended use of 1-2 times per week, I also think that the colour is another factor that makes the product great as it is instantly eye-catching and appealing unlike the Cupcake face mask.

4 thoughts on “Lush: Mini Haul

  1. I love the ocean salt scrub… I previously wrote a post about it too when I discovered it. Smells soooooo good! 🙂

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