Montagne Jeunesse: Amore Rose Face Mask Review

Amore Rose MaskWith the use of Damask Rose petals and Marula Oil this particular Montagne Jeunesse mask offers a deep cleanse with a mud mask like consistency.  As per usual the face mask wasn’t the pink colour like illustrated on the packet but was a beige colour which dried to white when finished; it is suitable for dry and combination skin. 

If you have read some of my previous face mask reviews then you will notice that sometimes the masks are hit and miss, this particular mask I found to be neutral although it does have some negative points.

Firstly I found the smell of the mask to be quite overpowering which was a little off putting to me personally, it was also quite a thick consistency so it felt to me that it took quite a while to fully dry although I didn’t time it. The mask had what felt like a cooling sensation when applied and left my skin feeling quite soft.  

I probably would use this mask again as it did feel like it worked well on my skin, however, if you want a mask that is quick and easy to apply then I wouldn’t recommend this as the drying time is quite long.

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