BaByliss Ombre Styler 235: Review

BaByliss Ombre Styler 235The BaByliss Ombre Styler 235 retails at £29.99 in Boots (Currently on offer) and makes the perfect replacement for my previous straighteners which have now died. The ‘styler’ as it’s called because it straightens and curls is the perfect girly accessory and comes in a lovely shade of pink-purple, it heats up to 235′ and takes up to 15 seconds to heat up. Today I will be reviewing it’s straightening performance.

BaByliss Ombre Styler

As you might be able to tell it is slightly darker than the bold image on the box but it’s still a great colour, the Styler also comes with a heat wrap so you don’t have to worry about burning any surfaces! The heat setting goes up in 2’s (2-20) rather than stating the actual heat settings so it recommends that for those with fine or coloured hair to use a low heat setting. Once you have selected your setting the red light will flash red until it has heated up fully, im not sure if it was 15 seconds but it heated up rather quick!

BaByliss Ombre Styler On

As my hair dries quite thick and wavy I opted to go for setting no.10 means it was my first time using the styler and I have to say I was very impressed with it! As I cant afford GHD’s I wanted a hair straightener that was affordable and practical and this BaByliss styler is the perfect alternative for those that cant or don’t want to opt for GHD’s.

BaByliss Ombre Styler Plates

The long slim line plates allow for larger pieces of hair to be straightened or curled so provides faster results, the hair also glides smoothly through the plates so it doesn’t have to be repeatedly straightened for good results, also no frizz which is a bonus! 

BaByliss heat wrap

The heat wrap allows the styler to slip in perfectly then wraps and holds together perfectly with Velcro so you don’t have to worry about leaving them alone whilst they cool down! The styler also has a safety feature where it will automatically switch off if it has been on continuously for 72 minutes so gone are the panic days where you wonder if you did actually switch them off before leaving the house.

Hair Before and After

There’s just a quick example of the underneath of my hair before and after using the styler for the first time, im so pleased with the results and so glad I went for the BaByliss Ombre 235 over any other straighteners.


  • Price- £29.99 instead of £59.99!
  • Fast Results
  • Girly Design
  • Different Heat Settings
  • Free Heat Wrap


  • Heat settings being in 2’s instead of actual temperatures

As you can see there was only one small blip I found with the styler but I would still definitely recommend it as it’s a great purchase! You can also buy a matching hairdryer to the Ombre styler which comes with clips, curlers and a hairbrush for £23.95, I didn’t buy this due to my other BaByliss hairdryer working but it’d make a great set!  


6 thoughts on “BaByliss Ombre Styler 235: Review

  1. I’ve had the same straighteners for years now & while they are in perfect working condition, I always opt to curl and straighten my hair with them, so these are now on my list for when my pair sadly die!
    A great review, I definitely want to purchase a pair after reading!?

    -sarah xo

  2. I bought these 2 days ago great straightner and curler but the colour is coming off of them already and iv only used them once back to the shop they go 😦

  3. Hey, I was just wondering, how do the temperature settings work? I want 210 degrees, but what number would that be on the device? Thanks x

    1. Hi, Im not really sure but setting 20 is the maximum 235 degrees so I would say try your highest setting at around 14-16 maybe. If you have thin hair then I’d go for a low setting or if its quite thick go for setting 16 🙂

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