Visiting Lanzarote’s Rancho Texas Park

Rancho TexasRancho Texas Park situated in Puerto Del Carmen is a large zoo and water resort which certainly didn’t disappoint! With it’s home to many animals some which we hadn’t seen in person before (raccoons and armadillos) there was plenty to see and do including three shows which featured sea lions, parrots and birds of prey which swoop over your head! 

Armed with a map of the zoo you are free to walk around and see any animals you like at your own pace, first up we saw sleepy raccoons which were still cute and farm like animals such as baby pigs and goats etc… before moving on to much larger and exciting creatures.

RaccoonsThe park has a strong Western theme throughout and which including the décor, pathways and even the home of the animals, the small animal above had little teepee tents which they actually used so that was an interesting sight to see! It also holds a western night which includes BBQ and dancing but we didn’t go to this. Even the parrot show had a western theme and including tiny waggons being pulled by a parrot whilst another parrot stood inside and one parrot knew how to play dead when a toy gun was pointed at him.

Sea lion Unfortunately we didn’t manage to catch the full sea lion show due to them not wanting to play the games! But we did manage to see Brutos the large sea lion above who people could have photo’s with, although we didn’t get to see the full show it was still amazing to see how the sea lions interacted with their trainers. Luckily for us the Birds of Prey show went smoothly and included bald eagles, vultures, hawks and other birds which were showcasing different skills such as how to find food, change course and how they catch prey (shown with a decoy toy), it was a surreal experience as they fly right above you and you can feel the breeze from their wings, people even ducked and dodged as the birds got so close.

Bald EagleThe park had a large water park area which wasn’t just for small children, water slides and a large pool for adults, we didn’t use this feature due to the leaflet only showing the children’s area but if you ever visit remember to take your swimwear! The trip was a great day out and one of the last excursions we did in our two weeks, it’s a great place to visit for all ages not just children.

swimming turtleCrocodile Aligator*Photos taken on a Kodak AZ521 Bridge Camera 

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