James Arthur: The Pressures of Fame

James Arthur Album CoverSince winning the X Factor, champion James Arthur has appeared in the media negatively involving sex scandals, arguments with fellow stars and homophobic rants. The star’s new releases have even been blacklisted by radios meaning its virtually impossible for him to catch a break and hits have even failed to make the top 40.

This provides a perfect example of the pressure stardom takes on people, rather than being helped through his breakdown the star seems to face increasing backlash adding more impact to it all. The X Factor isn’t glamorous, being a successful popstar doesn’t mean that you will be treated fairly, as James has experienced as soon as you step out of line you will be out-casted faster than you can blink.  

In November 2013 an online row got out of hand when James labelled an unknown rapper Micky Worthless a ‘fucking queer’, he soon became branded homophobic and album refunds were given to fans he turned against him, another spat a month later came with fellow X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan who branded him homophobic and he retaliated by branding her an attention seeker, in all fairness who has heard about her since the X-factor other than on this incident?

It’s such a shame that his latest single Get Down was blacklisted by radio stations, on numerous occasions he has apologised for the homophobic label even telling audiences live from performing on the X Factor that it was a bad mistake and he had made poor choices.

James ArthurRecord label Syco owned by Simon Cowell has now decided to drop the singer after his latest song ‘Follow the Leader’ contains references to terrorism, it’s clear that the singer has been self-destructing since being pushed into the limelight, rather than being exploited by scandals he should have been given support by his record label, im sure Simon Cowell could have afforded to have done this than choose to drop him at his weakest.

The new rap lyrics “Wish I’d never let you in , to think that I was thinking maybe I should let you live, I’m gonna blow up your family like a terrorist” are the final straw for Simon Cowell who has decided not to release a second album. It’s in extremely bad taste but I don’t think anyone would intentionally reference terrorism so I feel it’s just a big cry for help.

It seems that the best thing would be for James to fade out of the limelight and feel normal again rather than being a media puppet portrayed as evil and allowed to be abused for poor mistakes.  Such a shame that someone so talented got caught up in the X factor circus and abandoned at his weakest, maybe in the future the public will allow the singer to start again and release new material that isn’t blacklisted but for now the first step would be to get rid of all the negativity surrounding him and for the Twitter abuse to stop.


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