Salon ‘Fat Tax’ Worth The Cost?

Wax potFat Tax, sounds like a joke right? Well evidently not! A salon in London ‘MM Bubbles’ has the audacity to charge women with a dress size of 12 and above extra for treatments such as leg waxing.

Women dress size 12 and over are charged an extra £5 and £10 for those above size 18, why? simply because the owners believe they should do this to cover the cost of using extra materials, personally I find it quite insulting and don’t see wax products breaking the bank for them but its a policy they have firmly set into place.

The national average dress size of a British women is  size 16 so why does this particular salon believe size 12 is ‘large’? The treatment itself before the price increase is £21 which isn’t exactly cheap let alone adding an extra 5-£10 on top of it.

For some women this could be a blow to their confidence, especially for those who aren’t comfortable with their bodies due to the media forever emphasizing tiny frames and portraying curvy women as being unattractive compared to the model ideal.

Do you think this is a fair ‘tax’?

Id love to hear your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Salon ‘Fat Tax’ Worth The Cost?

  1. This is ridiculous… i’ve never heard anything like it. What’s the biggest shame is will anything happen about it?

    With one breakthrough for women comes another blow…
    Great post, i’ll be sharing this one!


    1. You make a really good point! They must just think if a person has a larger body then they must have more hair to remove, personally I don’t agree with them doing this at all let alone starting at a size 12! But it is based in London so it doesn’t surprise me being there.

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