50K:The Cost Of Looking Young

Tara BladonTara Bladon a 46 year old mum of three has spent a grand total of £54,400 just to look as youthful as her 15 year old daughter Lucy, money well spent or a deluded mind?

In order to maintain her looks Tara has a gruelling regime consisting of a 5am start, in this time she will shower for 1 hour using expensive exfoliators and creams from Clinique, she will then spend 2 hours doing her hair and make up, this routine occurs every day even if the mom isn’t leaving the house, is this really necessary? According to Tara she does this so people cant guess her real age or encase she looks old. Even the postman gets greeted to a well groomed Tara, in my experience the postman will just hand over the post or parcels without looking at me long enough to even care about my age….

How the money was spent:

  • Boob Job-£4,000
  • Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products-£7,200
  • Make Up-£4,320
  • Clothing-£21,600
  • Hair Products-£11,520
  • Nails & Fake Tan-£5,760

“My mom is 70 and she looks great for her age, so I hope that means Lucy and I have good genes” at this stage im not sure you can tell if its down to good genes or just the overload of beauty products.  Granted Tara does look great but it cant be good to have such a time consuming routine, if she overslept or had to go a day without make up then how would this affect her self esteem?

All the household bills and the mortgage are left down to her husband to pay, he must be very understanding if he doesn’t feel that this is unfair on himself.

So what do you think?…..

Has Tara spent far too much on vanity?

Personally it is up to her whether or not she feels she can one day let go of this routine, I just hope that her daughter doesn’t follow in the same footsteps and feel she has to look youthful as well instead of growing old gracefully.  I myself wouldn’t even dream of spending so much money on each of those items, let alone getting into debt for a boob job.

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