Short Skirts: Short Fares

Amy ChildsBrentwood Council in Essex are considering a move to see females on a night out receive cheaper taxi fares if they are wearing revealing or short clothing, this is due to being more at risk if they cannot safely get home or afford the current taxi fare. The move is considered to come after individuals are inspired by the programme Towie, personally I have never seen this programme so aren’t familiar with what it is inspiring, a assume it is something to do with an active nightlife…. Amy Childs has also been named for blame but she has hit back claiming it’s unfair that individuals could be more at risk for wanting to look ‘glamorous’. 

This kind of thing subjects females into a ‘victim’ category based on what they are wearing, it shouldn’t be assumed that women who wear little clothing are automatically going to be a victim of a rape crime, not all men are going to rape someone on a night out.

Its a strange thing for the council to consider but if it becomes possible then could it not mean that girls will purposely wear little clothing so that they to can have their fare cut? It wouldn’t be fair otherwise if someone has to pay full price because they are deemed to be wearing more clothing that doesn’t see them at risk if alone at night.

Surely ladies going out think ahead to ensure that they can get back home, it could also be seen as sexist, why should it just be females that get taxi fares cut? It would cost £3000 to put the scheme into action and local people believe that if people can afford to go out drinking then they can afford to get their selves home, they do make a far point

Would it not be better to put a policy into practise that meant ladies had to wear a certain length of dress or skirt when clubbing? im not saying it has to be below knee length so legs are completely covered but maybe not short enough that the whole world can see up it if you were to bend down as this could give off an ‘easy’ impression, or maybe taxi ranks could be closer to the nightclubs so people aren’t walking alone in the dark, either way I think another solution could be put into action rather than costing the taxpayers £3000 for a scheme that seems over the top.

4 thoughts on “Short Skirts: Short Fares

  1. That’s a ridiculous idea! Discounting fares for those wearing short skirts invites the notion that it is the woman’s fault that they are more at risk because they chose to wear revealing clothing. Granted, I personally don’t agree in wearing a skirt so short your ass is near enough hanging out but a move like this would anger rape campaigners who, rightly so, argue that whether we wear a short skirt should not imply we are making ourselves more prone to being raped. The issue is not in the clothes a woman wears, but the fact that a male should never, ever think it is right to do such a thing to a woman whether she is wearing skimpy shorts or jeans and a jumper!

    1. I completely agree with you, I really hope that it doesn’t go ahead because I feel women might just wear the clothing for the purpose of getting a discounted travel fare rather than to make themselves feel good on a night out or for whatever purpose they wear the clothing for. It also subjects all females to being potential victims because of clothing choices, if a short skirted female was to get home safe because of this and a woman fully covered was to fall victim to rape then it completely fails the idea of safety that the council is trying to get across.

  2. I’ve never heard of such a stupid idea from a council, no wait, I have… but even so that is just awful. AS IF a womans lack of clothing should get a discount in taxis! Publicity for making sure they get into a proper taxi in the first place is money better spent, and an unpopular idea maybe for bar staff to say no when customers are seriously pissed, male and female… not that that causes rape either, rape is bad people not hemlines. Great article though.

    1. Thanks, it is just a stupid idea for someone to even imagine that! It would just result in some women going out in barely anything just to get the discount! Its quite right that the local people in the community believe that if they can afford the night out then they can afford the taxi home. Hopefully the idea will stay at that and wont become reality.

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